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Edge Of Tomorrow Minute

Sep 8, 2021

Minute 27 opens on Cage talking about the Forge and ends in the Crack of Farell’s ass.

We’re happy to welcome back our returning guest Epidiah Ravachol 

Game designer (Tabletop) , former midwesterner, podcaster and publisher.
Find his games here 
Find his Sword and Sorcery magazine here 
Find his Rockford Files podcast here and here if you feel like patronizing 

We talk about the Fiery Crucible’s infamy, how to have fun when writing the same scene over and over again and Rashomon you way through it by changing the focus from loop to loop.

We talk about memory again and the diminishing returns of subtlety and the Dragon’s Lair/Space Ace style decision making.

Finally we tackle Deja vu:
Do you believe? 
Are there scientific explanations?
Metaphysical explanations?

How can you use it in fiction?  How does Edge of Tomorrow take advantage of it?
Unreliable memories?
False Memories?

Somehow we avoid talking about Aliens this time