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Edge Of Tomorrow Minute

Sep 1, 2021

Minute 26 opens on Maggot #3 and ends in a fiery crucible.

Our guest is Epidiah Ravachol

Game designer (Tabletop) , former midwesterner, podcaster and publisher.

Find his games here 
Find his Sword and Sorcery magazine here 
Find his Rockford Files podcast here and here if you feel like patronizing

In this episode, we discuss accelerating the timeline as a storytelling method, the idea that Cage’s memory is his superpower, our personal chances at surviving a time loop.

Once again we talk about Aliens, but Eppy does a good job of linking the lineage of Aliens to video games to Edge of Tomorrow.  And somehow we wrap It’s a Wonderful Life into it as well.

We discuss some ideas for including time looping into Role Playing Games including one that was written by Eppy called Time and Temp and an un-named project in the works from his wife, also a successful indie game designer, Emily Care Boss