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Edge Of Tomorrow Minute

Aug 18, 2021

Minute 24 opens on Master Sgt. Farrell spouting some orders and ends with Private Cage finally figuring out his Safety.

Our esteemed guest is Andy Welfle.  Andy is a thoughtful person about the design of User Experiences. He’s written a book about it:

He’s also a host of the #2 Pencil Podcast (that’s a pencil joke):

A Zine Poet: and

We talk again about the audiophile reaction to the 13hz bass tone at the beginning of the movie.  
More info here 
Video of the effects here 

We discuss the user interface of the Jacket’s HUD and Weapons system and talk about the book (and blog): Make it So: Interface Design Lessons from Sci-Fi See the blog here:

We give a short overview of the User Interface of Rita’s Sword and the Mimic’s fighting tactics.

And of course, we talk about Aliens again.